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Research at the National Archives and Beyond!

July 12, 2012

9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 7pm Mountain, 6 pm Pacific

Finding Enslave Ancestors in Orange County, NC with Gwen Olson.

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with a descendant of a slave owner or the enslaved, would you? Do you have information in your family records or research that would open the door for collaboration?

Join family historian Gwendolyn Olson for a fascinating discussion of her genealogical journey to find her Harris ancestors enslaved in North Carolina and beyond. She traces her Harris family roots back to her 4x great grandmother Lydia 'Roberts' who was born around 1770. She is successful in locating her by collaborating with the great great great grand daughter of the descendant of the slave owner. This family journey also uncovers wonderful surprises!

Researchers and family historians will learn how following clues, asking questions and staying the course will result in a miraculous discovery for both the descendants of the enslaved and the enslaver.

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Comment by VKN on July 12, 2012 at 9:55am

I sent to the mailing list and hope it works. Good morning on Thursday!

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