As I trace my family tree I grieve for the Ardene Hayes branch. He not only lost his son Bernard due to violence the same terrible fate lay in wait for his grandson. Gregory Hayes was the son of Bernard. Gregory's life was cut short after an argument during a pick up basketball game. August 25, 1993 William Schoels shot him once in the shoulder, Hayes fell and as he lay holding the legs of Schoels a fatal shot was delivered to the back. Schoels had a history as a juvenile delinquent and was found guilty of 1st degree murder of Bernard Hayes and was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Due to some mistakes and a few loop holes Schoels was granted a new trial. This time jurors were told of Hayes criminal background, information not given at the first trial. This time Schoels was found guilty of manslaughter with a deadly weapon and sentenced to 8-20 years. Wasn't he still the same unarmed man that was shot in the back? And by the way, Schoels was at the time on house arrest/ parole from a precious criminal incident. Maybe I'm wrong; but doesn't that send the message that Gregory's life was now less valuable. Gregory was found guilty by the court of public opinion. He was sentenced to death by Schoels. Read more about the case here

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Too much!

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