Today or I should say yesterday...  I found in my brother's RF a female predicted 4th cousin who showed up as a public match I didn't pay much attention to it because it was just 0.20% DNA shared across 2 segments but as I continue to scroll down I came across the same surname for a male.  He too appeared as a public match same prediction 4th cousin with 0.17% DNA shared across 2 segments.   He did not appear in my RF but the other person an older female did with 0.09% DNA shared across 1 segment predicted as a 5th cousin to me...


 Why the difference between myself and my younger brother?  I will explore that later, probably         recombination?

 What stopped me in my tracks was the picture of the gentleman who was white but he looked familiar!

Well it turns out he lives maybe a mile or less from me; we served six years together as commissioners on our city’s Parks and Recreation Commission, that is before he resigned to run for a City Council seat.  Guess what I supported him even placing a couple of signs in my yard for his campaign.  It is indeed a small world.

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