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For the first time, researchers are looking into the genetic makeup of African-Americans and changing the way physicians view minority illnesses.

Researchers recently discovered a gene unique to African-Americans that could explain why asthma affects this population at a higher rate. The gene was identified after nine different research teams pooled data on over 5,000 people with asthma of European-American, African-American, African-Caribbean, and Latino ancestry.





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Comment by Forum AfriGeneas on September 24, 2011 at 4:06am

Have you taken additional swipes, Elizabeth?

Comment by Elizabeth Cann Kambourian on September 23, 2011 at 9:42am

This DNA thing is great. I submitted my to National Geographic database, which tracks your ancestors from Africa to wherever they went.  Another issue, the Delta 32 gene,  a mutation which originated in the "plague village" Eyam, in England. This mutation allowed some villagers to be immune / resistant to Bubonic Plague.  Many Americans have inherited this gene, including AA's.  The mutation also makes people immune/resistant to many other illnesses, such as HIV.  I wonder if people like Magic Johnson have it, as I believe he now tests negative to the virus.  Anyway folks, check out these two web sites [see below] on Eyam and Delta 32.


And do you DNA tests!  I had to pay $100 for mine at National Geo.

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