Connecting the Pieces: Walter and Emma Smith Lyman

It is as if I grew up knowing each of my ancestors I write about. They now want to meet the rest of the descendants of Ocean Springs, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana, along with other places far and wide they may have scattered too.


Walter and Emma Smith Lyman

Walter Lyman (1881-1919) and Emma Smith (1881-1928) were born in Ocean Springs, MS. Great-Uncle Walter to Warner Lyman (1848–1920) and Betsy Lyman (1853-aft 1900);  Great-Aunt Emma was born to my paternal Grandmother Margaret’s Grandfather Edgar Smith (1850- aft 1910) and Grandmother Anna Dove Smith (1857-aft 1910).

 In 1899 at age 18, Water and Emma would marry never having been enumerated in a Federal Census with their parents and siblings. Both were born after the 1880 census and, due to a fire, the 1890 Federal Census was destroyed.


1880 Census for Edgar and Anna Dove Smith

Indicating family members in the household the year before Emma was born.

Frank is actually Edgar, Roger, Louisa (actually this is Louisa ‘Lulu’ Lyman), Lydia is their niece Virginia King and Louisa is actually daughter Mary L. Smith.

Edgar/Frank’s occupation is Laborer and Annie/Anna is Keeping House


1880 Census for Warner and Betsy Lyman

Indicating family members in the household the year before Walter was born.

Warner was a Laborer while Betsy was a Washerwoman with a disability.

Johanna, Andrew (Anthony), Ananias, Louise (Lulu) and Silas.

 Nonetheless, Walter and Emma are both documented at Ocean Springs in the Mississippi Enumeration of Educable Children Records aka Educable Children Records (Mississippi), 1850-1894.

Educable Children Records (Mississippi), 1850-1894


Walter and Emma would become the parents of Walter Edward Jr. (1899-1961) aka Edward Walter, Francis (1902-1917) Zipporiah (Polk (1904-1959)), Annie M (1904-?), Valarie (1906-?) (1910 census lists Annie M as adopted).   Emma would rear her granddaughter Ruth Hubbard after the death of her mother Francis in 1917.   Cousin Yvonne LeFlore (1924-2012), daughter of Valarie shared with me that Aunt Emma had all her grandchildren call her ‘Aunt’ and not the familiar Grandma, Grandmother, Big Mama, or Mobo.

Uncle Walter would take flight to join the ancestors before 23 Jun 1919; this is the date his father Warner signed his will— which indicated that Walter was deceased.  Aunt Emma’s transitions took place 13 Jan 1928.*


*RootsWeb Death Index, 1796-2010 @ Ancestry .com

 “52 Ancestors: #2, Walter and Emma Smith Lyman… Patricia M. Armstrong Watkins” (011214)

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