A Family Divided:  Instead of doing the Genie Dance I have a sad face.

He appeared in my 23andMe Relative Finder… hmmmmmm, could it be? Well I won’t find out until I ask.  So, I shot off the following brief message



March 20,

 “By any chance are you related to the late - - - of New Orleans”?

Possible Cousin:

March 21,


My name is - and I manage the account for my grandfather - . I'll ask him. Do you have any information on -'s parents?


March 21,

Hi -,

Thank you for responding!  - -‘s mother was -  - , daughter of -  -  - and -  - .  Her father was -  -.

 - -   was co-owner of a bar in …….. at the time of her death in … .

My Grandmother -  -  - was -  -'s aunt, her mother –‘s sister.



 I rec'd no response to the last message.

I have to try one last time … This is my next message – what do you think?


Dear Cousin,


I don’t want to relegate you or our family to dashes, life is too short to harbor ill feelings especially when most of us were not born at the time of the incident which seems to have divided our family.

I pray that someday we will bury the incident with our ancestors, I didn’t say forget; just bury it so we may share this potential wonderful journey that awaits us. 


We can’t change what happen and we sure can’t change our DNA.  Therefore, let us celebrate our shared DNA; after all it is what leaded us to each other!


Love and Peace

Cousin Pat

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Comment by Alva H. Griffith on April 15, 2012 at 3:45am

Ohhh Pat, how sad.   I loved your final response.  I do hope that your cousin will eventually decide to put aside whatever ill-will there may be.


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