106 Stores With Senior Discounts

I have not tried this so cannot vouch for what it says. A wise relative did pass it on to me so I am just passing it on. A .pdf is attached.106StoreswithSeniorDiscounts-BradsDeals.com_.pdf


Give us feedback on what value, if any!

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Comment by VKN on September 3, 2011 at 5:01pm

56 people downloaders here. Now does that speak to the economy or what?

Comment by VKN on August 24, 2011 at 3:16am

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From Cynthia


From Seventies SoulChile




Comment by Alva H. Griffith on August 23, 2011 at 4:55pm

I too !!  It just frosts me to see the money basically given away, when there is a way to recoup a little, especially in these times. 


Now that I don't go shopping any more, I will be the collector of coupons and encourager of their use for my daughter.  My other daughter (the one you met) had a trick to get hers used:  When her son was little, she would give them to him to find the items when they grocery shopped, and he could keep the amount of money.  It still cost her the same thing, but he earned some extra money - LOL.  Some shoppers save the amount in a piggy bank, and use it to buy something special after it accumulates.  So again, you have spent the same amount.  I would prefer to just save it at the store and move on - LOL.

Comment by VKN on August 23, 2011 at 10:12am

Alva,  you have this coupon thing down to a science. Now I get the Thursday and the Sunday AJC particularly because those are loaded with coupons.  I enjoy reading the coupons. Then all of a sudden my motivation wanes and the clipping or cutting gets lost. Well I am gonna try and do different. LOL

Comment by Alva H. Griffith on August 23, 2011 at 1:58am

For one thing, with couponing, it is necessary to actually gather a batch coupons first - LOL !  (Don't ever get a coupon for something or some brand that you are not going to use.  It wastes the time, the money you spent, and the space to store it, if you are not going to use it !)  Start by collecting up coupons for things you actually use, over a period of a coupla weeks or a month from the Sunday papers (and sometimes another day in the week).  Many stores give them with your change also, and there are a number of places online where you can download them and print them out.


(Our store also "gives" some sort of discount on car gas for spending a certain amount, but that gas station is way far... however, we do use this - if it has not expired - when we go to a certain movie theater that is near the station.  Check for this sort of thing - ours is printed on the bottom of the sales slip - who knew?  I figure they're not "giving" me anything... I paid for it - LOL)


Sort them by category, such as plastic goods, sweets, dairy, etc, and keep them in a little wallet - you can get one especially for coupons (with dividers) from alot of small-time household type catalogs, probably also at Staples etc.  Keep track of your expiration dates, discard any that get old, and replace with new ones as they come out.  It is the preparation that is important - once you get ready, it becomes relatively simple. 


I think the biggest thing with couponing is that one can't just throw together a list and dash out the door to the store.  (We are always in such a hurry !!)   One must collate the coupons with the list... so sit down and enjoy a cuppa while you do that !!   Paperclip them to the list... or some folk write the brand name on the list next to the item... I simply underlined everything I had a coupon for/ if I had 2 coupons for different brands of the same thing (like paper towels), then I might write the names. 


You do need to take your wallet with you to the store - you may run across a good sale that you can leverage with a coupon you had not originally planned to use.   Try to double up with something already on sale with the store card, then add in a coupon on top of it !   You really only have to go thru your coupons once a week when you get organized, to see what's on hand, replenish, pull what you plan to use, etc.  You don't need to make a career out of it.  But give it a chance... you can save a bit... $5 a week may not sound like much, but that's $250+ that you would have simply GIVEN AWAY in a year's time.   

Comment by VKN on August 21, 2011 at 11:40pm

Good input/feedback, Alva. Yes a penny saved is a dollar earned in this tight economy. I have tried to be a good couponer but lack the stick with it necessary to see a difference. There is one store where I shop and they have the coupons already stacked at the register to meet whatever need one might have. I have taken advantage of that several times.

Comment by Alva H. Griffith on August 21, 2011 at 11:10pm

Wasn't aware of this list.  I did know about a couple of them :  Budget Rent-a-car and Southwest Airlines.  Have used them for years !  Southwest's is nice - when I first started with them (maybe still?), you got a Rapid Rewards Card (free), then mailed in a copy of either your passport, birth cert or drivers's license to prove your age.  This meant you had to wait a few weeks, so if you were in a rush to fly, it did not work on that particular flight... then when it was okayed, you just made your rezzies and put in the Rapid Rewards Number... Voila!  I don't have to do it on the phone... I just do the whole thing on the computer.   I also knew that various movies have a Sr Discount, but didn't know how much it was... we've used that also - my daughter orders the tix online and they're held at the box-office.  Will have to try some others of these and see whassup.  Also went to the blog site mentioned on the bottom of this post, and saw that they also have coupons !  Once upon a time, in a past life, I was a big time couponer !   Might go back and try that again. 

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