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looking for relative

looking for marriage info on stella young and alexander jarratt and could be in Canada, Virginia or new York alexander was born oct 25, 1896 and stella young could be Estelle was born 1906 in canada

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looking for relative

first of all looking for relative from grandmothers side of family name of Hannah Hytre and a Isaac Thomas died before 1871 and from Jamaica british west indies. Hannah was born around 1801 and from montreal Quebec Canada. 

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Question - Ancestors

I like to know if anybody been in contact with their white cousins who are descendants of the slaveowner(s) that your female(s) ancestors had children by?

How many found out they are descended from free black men(women) and free white woman(men) who were married during slavery. Have you meet any of your white relatives?

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Courage - Revised

Woke today the 5th day of Black History month 2014, with Cousin Horatio Thompson (1914-2012) on my mind.   This blog was originally written in 2011... I am reposting it in his honor.


  Watching the Oprah Show today (4 May 2011) and seeing all the original Freedom Riders had me thinking about our Cousin Horatio Thompson born 1914 to James Thompson and Eleanor…


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Watching the Oprah Show today (4 May 2011) and seeing all the original Freedom Riders had me thinking about our Cousin Horatio Thompson born 1914 to James Thompson and Eleanor Etelka Cabrere Thompson.  Horatio’s father James is the son of Great Aunt Alice Thompson the sister of Grandma Phine (Josephine Thompson DeLavallade).


 The reason Oprah’s show had me thinking of Horatio he was at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where the first Civil…


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“52 Ancestors: #4” Connecting the Pieces: Her Dash was too Short - Francis Lyman…

Sorry for the inconvenience this weeks post was too large to send as usual.

Francis Her Dash was Too Short.pdf

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Connecting the Pieces: Walter and Emma Smith Lyman

Connecting the Pieces: Walter and Emma Smith Lyman

It is as if I grew up knowing each of my ancestors I write about. They now want to meet the rest of the descendants of Ocean Springs, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana, along with other places far and wide they may…


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The Recording…

How many times have we said or heard someone say “if only I could hear her voice one more time?”

It’s been eighteen years, 8 months and 19 days since I last heard my Mother’s voice. Easter Sunday April 16, 1995, I would walked out of her hospital room only to walk back in the next day to see her for the…


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Visiting the State Library of Virginia

In few weeks time I'll be on East Coast  and I want to visit the State Library of VA in Richmond some research. My time in Virginia will be very short so I want to make the most of it. I am wondering if I can make some arrangements with an archivist prior to arriving?

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Frozine Benham & Vanderbilt Huff 1958 Wedding

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To Kill A Mockingbird

As I trace my family tree I grieve for the Ardene Hayes branch. He not only lost his son Bernard due to violence the same terrible fate lay in wait for his grandson. Gregory Hayes was the son of Bernard. Gregory's life was cut short after an argument during a pick up basketball game. August 25, 1993 William Schoels shot him once in the shoulder, Hayes fell and as he lay holding the legs of Schoels a fatal shot was delivered to the back. Schoels had a history as a juvenile delinquent and was… Continue

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Trayvon Martin or Bernard Hayes

While I still search for missing links in my family tree it is strange that I run across Bernard Hayes just as the Treyvon Martin cases unravels. Bernard was the son of my great uncle Ardene Hayes. He was killed in Las Vegas Nevada in 1968. He was shot 11 times by a white man,Richard Dunn, who first alleged self defense then later pled guilty to avoid the death sentence. Dunn was released from prison in 1978 after serving only 9 years. There was apparently a mixture of misfortunes that kept the… Continue

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Africa's Daughters

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Chapman Johnson

Chapman Johnson


Jane Forrest Will


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Montgomery, Isaiah T.


Isaiah T.  Montgomery  was  born  May 21,  1847  on  Hurricane  Island, Warren County, Mississippi -- the property of Joseph E. Davis, brother of the celebrated chief of the Southern Confederacy. His parents were Benjamin Thornton and Mary Montgomery. He was taught the elements of common education by his father. Isaiah was set to work at the age of 9 years in the office of Mr. Davis in the capacity of…


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Picture of my cousin and I ... it was great meeting her in person after a couple of years of emails, telephone calls and facebook posts. She and I met through Ancestry .com when we both were doing research and had some of the same names in our respective trees mainly her Grandmother the daughter of my Grandfather and my Dad’s sister. This past week she and her mother the Granddaughter of my Grandfather made the trip to California for a visit to meet my 94 year old Dad and the family. Yes, we…


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Dr. Charles M. Harris, Otolaryngologist - Mercy Douglass Hospital Philadelphia, Pa - Request for Informatino

If anyone has any information on Dr. Charles M. Harris, his wife Dr. Laura Baxter Harris (Jersey City, NJ) or their children Charles Harris III and/or Jacquline Harris (Talladega College 1950s), I would appreciate you sharing.

Dr. Harris had a practice in Jersey City, NJ and also practiced at Mercy Douglass Hospital in Philadelphia PA during the 1950's.  He was born in 1923 (not sure where) and died in 1994 in Philadelphia, PA.

Thank you.



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MS Simpson County Resources Needed

Tell the story about the need for resources in your Mississippi County. Particularly about the lack of surveys for African-American Cemeteries.

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Charlot Roi, Early African American of the Ouachita Poste of NE Louisiana

 It seems that most people do not know or remember that the Ouachita/Morehouse, Louisiana area did not start off as the sedentary, slow paced, spice-free extension of the old…


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