The Family Search Wiki has good article that you may want to add to your research Tool Box ...

Document AS YOU GO

Why it is so important to document and organize family history research as you go, a brief explanation of the tools needed, and how to do it.
Writing in Journal

One of the most fundamental and important principles of family history research is to organize and document AS YOU GO![1] Good documentation includes:

  • Research logs—Fill in the purpose of each search, and source data on logs before looking at the source. After success, list where you found the copy. Log strategies.[2]
  • Family group records—Keep up-to-date with source footnotes for every event. Add all events like census, military service, and migrations to the family group record.
  • Photocopies of most sources—If the repository will allow it, ALWAYSmake a photocopy.
  • Well-organized files—Stay organized by completing paperwork and filing before starting another search.<br

Here is a link to DOCUMENT AS YOU GO

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