Have any of you met the ancestors of your enslaved ancestors?

Please share your experiences and how did you locate them or how did they locate you.

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I met some descendant's of the family of Rene & Agnes (Moseby) LaForce in Cynthia, Harrison Co., KY at the Annual Gathering of the Rudlle's Fort & Martin's Station Association in June of 2005. These LaForce's were the slave holding family of 5th, 6th & 7th maternal great-grandmother's Candis, Hannah & Betty/Bess (LaForce).

The "Gathering" is held every June in the area of Harrison County, KY where Martin's Station was located during the 20 June 1780 raid by the British and their Shawnee Indian allies during the Revolutionary War. The "Gathering" is to commemorate those captured in that raid who were taken taken as prisoners of war to Ft. Detroit in Canada. The 13 members of the enslaved family of Betty/Bess included her daughter Hannah and her granddaughter Candis.

These descendants of the LaForce familiy are the only descendant's I've met from any family that may have been "owners' of  any of my formerly enslaved ancestors.


Photo of cousin Reita Ann (Bynum) Smith with descenadants of the Rene & Aganes (Moseby) LaForce Family.


Photo URL ... http://mydatabase.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=mydatabase&am...

Tribal pages is an excellent vehicle to share your family history. 

I look forward to your interview on January 5, 2012 on Research at the National Archives and Beyond! blogtalkradio show.

Bernice Bennett

boy.. HAVE I !! - I'm meeting more and more everyday!-- we're all hanging out on facebook.

However, there are still many more who don't realize they are realtated, especially the younger one of this current facebook generation. I know who they are, especially their 2nd, 3rd and 4th great grandparents from my research. Trying to show and explain to them who they are is a great challenge!





I am absolutely overwhelmed with emotions after reading your posting.  You have done an outstanding job documenting your family history. Also, thanks for sharing the clip.

Bernice Bennett

Facebook is a great idea, Derek. I hadn't thought about that. Thanks for the idea.


I haven't met them face to face, but I have had email contact with a couple of the descendents of Evan Calfee, the last slaveowner of my Caffee family in Coosa County Alabama. They were very gracious and helpful. They were quick to return my email and to share what information they had. They sent me excepts from their ancestors farm journals where he recorded the names of my great great grandfather and his brother and how much money was paid to them for some work they'd done on his farm. Included in the email, they sent me a picture of Evan. I use it when I give the ancestral lines at our family reunions. I kinda got a little tickled at his descendents when I asked if they had any idea have Evan acquired his slaves. They had no information about that. I think it may have thrown them a bit when I stated that I had a  copy of Evan's father's Will and their was no mention of him inheriting any slaves, although his siblings did. Evan got the land where his farm was located in Coosa County Alabama. My theory is that he obtained them from one of 3 sources: 1. he acquired them from his father at an earlier date. 2. they came as part of a dowry with one of his first 2 wives. or 3. he purchased them from a public or private sale. And as I am not in Alabama, I can't readily get to the courthouse to see if there are any 'loose papers' available. Being that Evan was a State Representative, I'm sure there are some records there.

But still, if I have to ask them a question about something, they always answer.


  I have met a descendant of the William Hays the slave holder of my G-G grandfather.  I answered a post she left  on ancestry.com and it started from there.  She and I speak on a regular basis, spend the day searching records and cemeteries and share all the leads we run across.  She even helps with the transcribing of African American cemeteries project I've started.  Both of us are in search of family roots and realize that they may even intertwine..........she's already convinced we're cousins  LOL.

I have actually been in contact with descendants of my families slave owners because it turns out they are actually my cousin. They are anywhere from 3rd to 8th cousins. Also to my surprise some of them are not due to the fact their ancestors on mine because I found out my two times great grandmother on my maternal side was actually a white woman.


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