Dearest B.J.

Know that you have the unconditional support of all Browsers Volunteers, Users, at AfriGeneas, as you consider your decisions and actions for continuing best health! 

Love Is All ...

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Please check into


Prayers for your health and healing. Hugs Sharon

Hi B J,

Continue to listen to the song,   "He has his hands on you."  That song of praise has been with me all month.  I did a mime to it at church yesterday and before I did it I asked God to bless those who need to be blessed.   You have my prayers and support.


Peace, love & blessings to you.


Dearest B. J.

You have my support I will be praying for you as you make your  decision as to whats best for you.


Hello BJ  !!

Sending many prayers to help in making your decision. 

You have our love and support helping to hold you up.

Love  --  Alva

B J , my thoughts and prayers are with you. God will guide you., so keep the faith.  My daughter is going through the same thing so I really understand what you are going through.

B J Gray

My prayers are with you as you struggle with your decision.  Always belive that you will defeat this monster.   I witnessed a mother, a sister, and a neice and as an outside observer it seemed that positive thoughts by them and those around them helped to keep that monster at bay.

Dear B.J.,


Stay strong, stay focused and stay free.

Do that and we can beat this BC thing!


Peace & Blessings,

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Adding my prayers and support. 


Prayers and best wishes and of course our support for you at this time. Please continue to be strong in your faith.



BJ is still in the decision making process of when to take what action and where. She lives in Selma Alabama where resources are few to none. Birmingham is about 100 mikes away and Montgomery is some 50 miles away. Fortunately she is in touch with what sounds like an outstanding support group. Has had over 1200 replies to her original message. The responses are broad and wide. BJ is reading each and finding much clarifications and information overload.Will keep this group updated with decision making and course of action.


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