Recently we had added new design to our graphic collection. Take a look  and tell us what you think. What design would you add to the collection.

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Maybe, perhaps we might do a design contest, just maybe ???

I like.  Did you try centering the photo to see how it looks?  Just a thought.


I really did not try to center, Gina. But will use your suggestion during the evening editing session. Thank you! What do you think of the "design contest" notion?

Oh, I like the design contest notion.  Great idea.  When I read and look and the design I keep thinking of a board game.  I'm not "graphic savvy" though. :)

I really like it! Designing graphics is not my strong point, however.

I like it.  I also think I might prefer the pic centered.  I'm not very graphix oriented when it comes to making them, but I do know what I like when I see it - LOL.  I like the uncovered map border, with the content overlaid, and the "All Roads..." heading - nice.    In general, it says what we need to say to invite the public.  It might be interesting to see what others who have this talent may think of, via a contest.


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