Acorn has done wonders for the people in the community that I live in. Seniors who were unable to get some of the basics done in their homes, folks who were too poor to get certian services, etc etc etc. I agree, some of these issues need to be looked at and steps need to be taken but to punish all of Acorn is ludicrious. There are those not only in government but else where have had a few people do things that were an embarrisment to use all. Were they dismantled or locked out of there funds.. examples include Us Military, Congressmen and Legislators who cheated, Catholic Preists who did the unthinkable, Bank CEO's who stole. I think something is wrong with this picture.

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You are thinking the exact same thing I did..I told my mother that no one shuts down govt organizations because some people who work in them are crooks.. (Though some of those SHOULD be shut down..)
Amen Barbara amen!
I agree with you, Vicky. ACORN has done some wonderful things across the country. I remember especially when I was living in Boston that they helped many families heat their homes during the cold winter months, to help them pay their rent when there was no place else to turn, to supply food to people who just didn't have enough money to make to the end of the month, they helped get people in the neighborhoods who really needed that help. It's unfortunate that in recent years they have been the target of people who never knew what it was like to get that kind of help, who never had to try to figure out how they were going to pay their rent with no place to turn to, and who don't care about anything but to make a political hit against those who didn't have the same political views as they. If anyone needs to be shut down and have money taken away from them, it's those phonies who have been organizing all of those hateful groups all over the country. ACORN has had some bad apples, and I'm sure they've been trying to weed them out, but to demonize an entire organization that has done so much good, is just wrong, and they should be at least given the benefit of the doubt and have someone legitimately investigate them, not just those who just hate the fact that they are a community organization.
Just think of the tens of thousands of have nots that are going to suffer. I swear
and where is due process? Enron got away with life savings of many peeps but they were given due process.
ACORN is headed by a person with the wrong color as well as the wrong politics, as far as their critics are concerned. They are Community Organizers. While Enron is headed by the right color - GREEN (money) and the politics of GREED. Those 2 things go a long way in this country.
Now this same issue is being tackled by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Last night she had a wonderful story about who has really been behind this campaign to bring down ACORN. The video was nothing compared to the other shenanigans that the anti-ACORN groups have been up to. Take a look at the story:
The disruption of Acorn might be called the signal effort to deny President Obama a second term in office.


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